The report “Decommissioning Russia’s old nuclear power reactors Status update on key processes 2020" (in English)

In this report, we present status information on several issues related to decommissioning of nuclear power plants in Russia. All information is drawn from open and available sources. We have put the information together in a way that we hope is understandable and readable to everyone. Readers who wish for more details are directed to the sources presented in the texts. 

At some point, all nuclear reactors come to the end of their lifetime. There are disagreements on when they should close, some claim that reactors should retire at their designed lifetime or even before. Some want to prolong the lifetime of the reactors. In Russia, the latter option has been chosen by the authorities and the nuclear industry for economic reasons. Still, all reactors will need to be closed at some point. It is reasonable to plan properly, so that reactors can be decommissioned in a safe and environmentally and socially friendly way, without unnecessary delays, with the spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste taken proper care of, and with the interests of workers and the community in mind. In such a planning process, it is necessary to involve a broad range of stakeholders, to provide them with information, and actively solicit their opinions. 

Russian and Norwegian environmentalists have cooperated since the late 1980s on several issues. In 2003, several Russian nuclear reactors reached their design life, and the organizations agreed to cooperate on transparency and participation in decommissioning planning. The long-term goal of our cooperation is the safe and immediate decommissioning of the oldest nuclear reactors, and we are working to ensure that public participation advances preparations for the timely and safe decommissioning of the oldest nuclear reactors

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