Directions and action plan of the russian socio- ecological union on the issues of climate change and energy policy

Adopted on November 11, 2008 at the RSEU Conference on "Public participation in the development of the national politics in the area of climate and energy."


  • Public monitoring of the start policy in the field of climate and energy;
  • Participation in formatting and promoting policies directed at implementation of sustainable solutions on the national, regional and municipal levels and in legislation development.
  • Facilitating implementation of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency in all areas of economy and public life.
  • Providing information to the society and formation of public opinion on the issues of global climate change, exploitation of hydrocarbon energy, hazardous energy solutions and sustainable energy.
  • ACTION PLAN International level
  • Participation in formation of the national policy and action plan in the area of climate change in the Post-Kyoto international negotiation process.
  • Promotion of the RSEU position and coalitional position of Russian NGOs on actual issues in the area of sustainable energy and necessary actions on mitigation and adaptation of the climate change consequences.
  • Participation in the operation of international cooperation networks in the area of climate change.
  • Enlargement of cooperation with foreign and international NGOs on the issues of climate and energy.
  • Carrying out international actions and events.
  • National level
  • Participation in developing of the legislative base of the energy efficiency (introducing of amendments to the Law on Energy Saving; promoting of the Energy saving and enhancement of energy efficiency FTP, on RES, etc
  • Monitoring of execution by Russia of the international agreements, RF legislation, and programs in the field of energy and climate.
  • Distribution of the work experience of regional, national, international, and foreign NGOs in the field of climate change and sustainable energy.
  • Introduction of modern propaganda approaches to sustainable solutions through mass media and creation of an NGO site network on energy and climate.
  • Carrying out all-nation actions and campaigns.
  • Establishing of a bank of the best practice projects in the area of energy efficiency and RES.
  • Foundation of a Russian Climate Change Action Network; cooperation with the international Climate Action Network and the RSEU Climate Secretariat in St. Petersburg.
  • Development of an RSEU program of "Education for sustainable development in the field of climate and energy."
  • Development of the RSEU Climate Program.
  • Regional and municipal levels
  • Initiating and participation in developing regional legislative basis in the energy efficiency field.
  • Participation in the process of adoption of municipal territorial development programs in the focus of sustainable energy and resolution of the issues of climate change (public expert examination, discussions, and consultations with public).
  • Developing regional strategies of the energy policy.
  • Initiating, promoting and monitoring of regional target programs in the area of energy saving, energy efficiency, RES.
  • Monitoring of strategic documents of regional social and economic development and regional investment politics for their correspondence with the requirements of energy efficiency and energy and environmental safety.
  • Broad propaganda of actions for sustainable energy development on the local level through mass media, social advertising and the Internet.
  • Establishment and development of regional informational and demonstrational centers on the energy efficiency and energy saving issues.
  • Expansion of the SPARE network (education and practical actions of high school students in the area of climate and energy saving) in all the RF regions.
  • nvolving youth, journalists, various groups of population in the activities of NGOs on the issues of climate change and sustainable energy.
  • Activating of interaction with business: holding information campaigns directed at business enlightenment, mutual PR projects with business targeted at the development of sustainable energy and reduction of the greenhouse gases emission.