Practical solutions of the campaign "Energy efficiency – the biggest power plant of Russia” in Yaroslavl

The school power crew - members of a family estate "Good fortune" in the Yaroslavl region, carried out a comprehensive assessment of the outdated equipment of heating of local Rakhmanov school. They revealed some opportunities and need of replacement of heating to some more modern, economic, eco-friendly and power effective one. The new equipment is installed. But school students are keeping looking for possibilities to increase energy efficiency in the school building. The school students also created the movie "Heating and Energy Efficiency" on the materials of this activity for promoting and for an experience exchange.

Authors: Nadezhda Kazanskaya, Ludmila Zhirina

Translator: Marina Shelkunova

The Rakhmanov school in the Pereslavl district of the Yaroslavl region chose a creative and practical way for conducting the RSEU campaign "Energy efficiency – the biggest power plant of Russia” . In October 2013 this school became a member of the SPARE schools network and created a power crew. School students studied many questions of energy efficiency and different ways for its development on Internet materials, during the conversations with adults, reading local newspapers in the library. Then they booked a power audit in the school, revealed the possibilities of energy saving and put them into practice: sealed up the windows, warmed the doors, made high thresholds. This research activity showed that the school still heats in the old manner: by using coal and old stoves.

The members of the power crew counted not only ecological and economic losses in the old boiler room, but also found some analogs of modern power effective boiler rooms on the Internet. The school students shot all the steps of their work on video and created a movie. Then they sent the movie with the calculations and offers to the regional competition. And adult members of the Family Estate "Good fortune" heard the children. In winter 2014 the school boiler room was modernized and became power effective and eco-friendly. The school students created a new video movie "Heating and Energy Efficiency" -http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_t-hEKdx7G8 and sent it to many schools for promoting and an experience exchange . But the members of power crew are keeping looking for the possibilities to increase energy efficiency in the school building and the ecovillage "Good fortune”.