SPARE-education for sustainable development goals reaching

On November 12, Friends of the Baltic presented SPARE and others educational programs and experience of interaction with educational institutions at the seminar of the St. Petersburg Academy of postgraduate pedagogical education "School of sustainable development as a center for environmental education and education in the local community" for teachers of city schools, institutions of additional education and ecofriendly kindergartens.

The aim of the seminar: presentation of modern approaches, organizational forms, technologies of environmental education and education in the goals of sustainable development; exchange of practical experience in the field of environmental education of children and adolescents.

The School Project for application of resources and energy “SPARE" is one of the key activities of the Friends of the Baltic. Participants of the seminar learned that under the project, students under the guidance of teachers have the opportunity to participate in the all - Russian "Energy and environment competition" of school projects on energyefficiancy. Also project participants have the opportunity to study climate change, energy and resource production and consumption, using the project's methodological materials, including manuals on energy saving approved by the Russian Ministry of education. 

Teachers are invited to take part in the project “Acting together to save the climate” and testing five methodological materials for conducting interactive educational events about the climate for young people. Among the methods - creating a school climate plan - it is use can become the basis of the project for participation in the competition “Energy and habitat”.

Friends of the Baltic also offers teachers a variety of manuals on the study of microplastics and marine debris and the study of this problem. The study of microplastics in waterbodies is part of the "River Watch" program and has a great educational potential. For participants of the program, a manual “River Watch " has been developed, where  simple methods for conducting researches by schoolchildren are represented. Teachers and students can join public observers of rivers and other water bodies in the Gulf of Finland basin, take part in workshops, and get the necessary equipment and kits for their research at selected sites.

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