Climate and waste: towards zero emissions through a circular economy (Climate Infokit: brochure)


This brochure explores the relationship between two global issues: waste and climate change, and examples of existing and possible solutions at different levels. The brochure is published both in Russian and English.

The data on the impact of the applied waste management methods on the climate are presented. The morphological composition of waste and the influence of the dominant categories of waste on the climate system are considered. Waste and climate regulation laws and policy documents are outlined in the example of the European Union. Examples of commitments and actions in different countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through waste management are shown. 

The brochure is intended for environmental activists working in the field of global climate change and waste, journalists, specialists from municipalities, and the general public.

This brochure is part of an information package developed to raise awareness about possible ways to counter the climate crisis by the Russian Social and Environmental Union and the Friends of the Baltic in cooperation with AirClim (Sweden), Naturvernforbundet (Norway), EcoEnergy (Finland), Green Planet (Russia) and through the exchange of experience with many other public organizations in the North-West of Russia and the Nordic countries.

Download brochure on climate and waste in English 


This collection of materials is part of an information package prepared in cooperation and thanks to the exchange of experience of NGOs in the North-West of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other countries.

All of these materials are available at: https://rusecounion.ru/climateinfokit



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