Climate infokit. Energy efficiency — the most important condition for solving the problem of climate change (collection of abstracts)

Achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement requires rapid and substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. An extremely important component of this activity is the improvement of energy efficiency, which allows the further development of the economy without increasing energy consumption. In many cases with a decrease in energy consumption. Methods for improving energy efficiency are diverse and have their own regional characteristics. The Northern countries, which are in a cold climate, have accumulated vast experience in the field of energy efficiency, which is also relevant for Russia. Therefore, familiarization with the experience of the Nordic countries in this area is of particular interest. The material is published in Russian.

The Nordic experience in improving energy efficiency presented in this set of materials is primarily based on a number of European Union directives, which are also described here. Each country has its own national characteristics in the work on energy efficiency. For example, Finland pays special attention to "energy efficiency agreements". Norway is not a member of the European Union but harmonizes its legislation with that of the EU.



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This collection of materials is part of an information package prepared in cooperation and through the exchange of experience of NGOs in the North-West of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other countries.

All of these materials are available at: https://rusecounion.ru/eng/climateinfokit

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